Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What do you know about Wicca?

If you are interested in Wicca this is a good place to check things out. But one problem you may have is different books, sites and people will give you different information. This is because Wicca is a flexible religion and many people practice it their own ways: what one family does another person wouldn't. This site contains information that I think is the most correct and univeral for all Wiccans.

If you want to read the basic Wicca guide I made just go to the top right where it says HEY: start here. click on that. Or just browse through the posts, the ones that say "chapter..." are part of the guide and are good for quick reference. If you want to learn more or connect with other Wiccans I suggets going to witch's voice (witch vox).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Love is in the air!

In respect to Imbolic and Valentines day I decided to add this little spell I made. This was the first spell I ever wrote, and the one with the most affect. It is a love spell, and not even a week after doing this spell I met someone who I dated for two years. The wording is a little akward, but love is akward in the begining.

Venus Love Spell

Tools: Small candle (any color)
Picture of Venus (opt.)


1) Prepare body, area, and materials. Call Circle and Quarters.

2) Invoke Venus for love.
a. “I call upon the Goddess Venus for aid in this spell.” Hold image of Venus in your head or hold hand over picture of her, then ring bell once.

3) Ask Venus to search for a lover for you as you light a candle in her name.
a. “I call to the Goddess Venus, and ask her to search for a (male/female) human who would be a good (boyfriend/girlfriend) for me at this time in my life. As I light this candle Venus sees my future lover and when this candle goes out she brings us together.”
b. Light candle and picture yourself with your wish granted.

4) Say “So mote it be and blessed be with harm to none. May this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse.” Thank Venus.

5) Close quarters and circle. Clean area and record.

Note: Venus can be tricky. If you have read the mythology you know that she likes to play games with mortals' hearts sometimes. I use her but if you are uncomfortable with it you can change it to another goddess.

Chapter 11: Some Spells

About half of the Wiccans I know write their own spells, and the others get them from other Wiccans (sometimes in books or on-line). Which ever way you want to do it is fine. Sometimes beginners find it easier to start with pre-written spells though. Here are some of my easier spells to give you a start. Though it is not written in, cast a circle and call the quarters for each of these spells. Also it is good to end all spells by saying “So mote it be and blessed be, with harm to none.”

Protection (Tuesday is a good day for this one)
- You need a necklace and a candle for this one.
Carve a sacred spiral backwards to banish bad energy and light your candle. Ring a bell and say “I invoke you lord to protect me, your companion. I invoke you lady to protect me, your child. May this necklace be empowered with your protecting and your blessings.” Then hold the necklace over the flame and let the light touch it all over. Lay the necklace on the altar if it can get sunlight and moonlight there. If not put it in the window sill. Leave it there for twenty for hours so it can soak up the power of the lord through the sun and the lady through the moon. Then when you wear it you will carry their protection with you.

Money (Thursday is a good day for this one)
- You need a box, a green, gold or silver cord (or all three) and some money.
Invoke the lord and say, “This box is to hold and protect my money, may it always be full.” Then take the cord and start tying strong knots, saying “When I tie one my work will be done, when I tie two I am blessed by you, when I tie three money comes to me. I tie a knot for luck. I tie a knot for wealth. I tie a knot for my future, my family and my health.” You should have six knots. Repeat this as many times as you can/want to, repeating the same words. When you are done put the string and the money in your box and put the box on your altar. Every time money comes your way add a bit to the box. When it is full take some out. That way you are always filling it.

Love (Friday is a good day for this one)
-You need a red apple, a athame (or knife) and a candle for this one.
Go to your altar and light a white candle (pink and/or red can be sued as well). Rind a bell and invoke Venus, which is sometimes easier if you have a picture of her. Ask Venus to bring you love, and in your mind picture what kind of person you want to attract. Now take the apple and cut it in half, saying “As I cut this apple with my knife, bring a love into my life.” Eat the apple when you are done.

Family and Friend Relationships (Monday is a good day for this one)
- You need a candle, cooking skills, a kitchen and sweet basil.
If you are having problems with family and friends, or if you just want to maintain your relationships with them do this spell. Invite them over for lunch or dinner and serve them this – a classic kitchen witch thing to do. First light a candle and put it in the window or somewhere near the kitchen. You need to know how to cook something warm with basil – I can be a stir fry, pasta, soup, meat, or anything you can think of. Hold the basil before you add it and say this: “Given life from below and life from above, may you fill our hearts with love. Let us be as sweet as you, and give each other comfort anew.” Add it in, cook and serve.

Health (Sunday is a good day for this one)
- You need a bit of sunlight for this one.
This should be done in the day time, preferably outside. Invoke the lord and say “I ask for you to fill me with your light, to keep me warm through the cold of night. I ask to be blessed through the life giving sun, and be completely well when I am done.” You should then meditate in the sunlight for half an hour, letting as much of your skin feel the sunlight as possible. Thank the Lord when you are done.

Chapter 9: Ceremonies for Birth, Dedication, Initiation, Weddings, and Death

When a baby is born it is traditional to do a ceremony to bless it and insure a happy future and health for the child, this is called a Wiccaning or Saining ceremony. When the child is twelve they can decide if they want to be Wiccan or not. If they want to be Wiccan they can have a dedication ceremony, which is a ceremony they do by themselves dedicating themselves to the Wiccan spiritual path and choosing a Wiccan name. If they choose to join a Coven there will be an initiation ceremony that makes them part of the Coven. When they wish to be married there will be a handfasting ceremony. When they die there is another ceremony but it doesn’t have a specific name. Here are some simple versions of these big events in a person’s life, as a guideline. The only one not included is the initiation ceremony since it depends on what Coven you are joining.
Wiccaning Ritual
Tools: 2 candles (one white), holy water, lighter, bell, basic altar, anointing oil, and (optional) whatever officers need.
People: baby, parent(s)/guardian(s) which will be referred to as the adults, a person of choice to say one of the blessings, goddess/god parent, Priestess or Priest performing the ceremony, and (opt.) guests.

1. Prepare space and altar devotion
- Cleanse, consecrate and bless items and people gathered there. Priestess says “I cleanse, consecrate and bless these items in the name of the lord and lady, so mote it be and blessed be with harm to none.”
- Altar devotion: Priestess kneels at altar, lights white candle saying “Little fire do my desire” and draw banishment pentacle. Then say “I cast out all negativity here, may the lord and lady fill us with positive energy and happiness.”
- Bless and cleanse individuals participating in ritual, anointing with holy water and saying, “May you be blessed, and all negativity be washed away and replaced with goodness and joy. In the name of the lord and lady so mote it be and blessed be.”
2. Cast circle and call quarters
- Have participants walk in a circle (make sure your circle encompasses everything) in a clockwise direction while the priestess says, “I conjure thee, great circle; to be a meeting place of love, trust, and peace containing the power we raise within thee. Thus I conjure thee in the name of the lord and lady, so mote it be and blessed be with harm to none.” Priestess pounds the ground with her hand saying, “as above so below, this circle is closed.”
- Officers (or people of choice) call the quarters using whatever method they choose saying, “I call to the (animal) and the (element) and ye guardians of the watchtowers of the (direction). I summon thee to watch over this Wiccaning.” Should be said in the order north, east, south, west (south-fire, north-earth, west-water, east-wind).
3. Wiccaning/Saining
- Light the candle and have the maiden hold the baby.
- The maiden holds the baby, raises it to the sun/moon and the priestess says a blessing and anoints the baby with holy water or oil.
- The adults, in turn, anoint the baby with holy water and say a blessing.
- Priestess asks the gods to bless the child, anointing with holy water each chakra (hands, feet, crown, third eye, throat, heart, navel and groin). Ex: When blessing chest ask for a good heart.
4. Declaring Goddess/god parent
- Adult holds baby and priestess says, “Dear Lord and lady, we bring someone who is to be the goddess/god parent.”
- Adult (not holding baby) asks goddess/god parent, “We have chosen you to be the goddess/god parent to our child and you have agreed. Will you promise now to help care for (child’s name) and help this child understand his/her spirituality as best you can?”
- When goddess/god parent responds the affirmative have the maiden take the child from the adult and place it into the goddess/god parent’s arms. Then one of the adults say, “I declare that as of this moment (goddess/god parent’s name) is the goddess/god parent to (child’s name) and shall fulfill his/her responsibility as such.”
5. Present and close quarters
- Maiden takes baby to each quarter and officers (or people of choice) in turn (reverse order) say, “Guardian of (direction, element, animal), we present to you (child’s name) and thank you for watching over this Wiccaning. We ask for your blessings on this child. Go if you must, stay if you will. So mote it be and blessed be with harm to none”
6. Blessing by person of choice
- Speak to child and say, “May the goddess/god bless you and love you as I do.” After this is said anoint with oil and draw the pentacle on the child.
7. Close the circle
- Priestess says, “This circle is open but never broken. Merry meet and merry part until we merry meet again.”
8. Record, commence in merry making, and clean

Dedication Ceremony
A. Ritual Preparation
Gather tools and cleanse and consecrate them
Prepare area – pick an area where you can be alone, probably your sacred space but you may want to do it outside
Prepare body – take a bath and cleanse negative energies as well as washing yourself
B. Open circle
1. Cast a circle
2. Call the watch towers/elemental quarters
C. Invocation of deities
1. Ring a bell and ask for the lord and the lady or the all to come into your circle.
D. Statement of Purpose – this part comes from your heart and it why the ritual is so personal. Talk from your heart to the lord and lady. Tell them why you want to be Wiccan, what you want from this religion; tell them how you are feeling and your hopes for the future. Also tell them what your Wiccan name will be. Your first name is one you choose, your last name is that of your coven. Some people choose a middle name that you never tell anyone but the gods.
E. Actual working of Act of Honor
1. Working
a) Start by lighting a candle to guide you. Then do a short meditate to center yourself.
b) Raise power/energy – whatever method you find appropriate
c) Focus power/energy – use the energy you raised to fill yourself with the blessings of the lord and lady.
d) Ground power/energy – put all the extra energy into the ground, letting it go back to its source.
2. Honoring
a) Honor the lord and lady in whatever way you feel is appropriate.
b) Dedicate cakes and wine or cider. (offer them to the lord and lady)
c) Partake of cakes and wine or cider after a little while.
F. Meditation – this should be a longer meditation than the first one.
G. Thank the lord and lady or the all
H. Closing the circle
1. Mentally and verbally closing the circle
2. Physically close the circle
I. Cleanup and Record

A. Ritual Preparation
Gather tools and cleanse and consecrate them
Prepare area
Prepare body
B. Open circle
1. Cast a circle
2. Call the watch towers/elemental quarters
C. Invocation of deities
1. Usually just the Lord and Lady are invoked, sometimes with a bell and lighting of a candle (by the priestess/priest).
D. Statement of Purpose: Here the Priestess/priest should give a short blessing for the couple being married.
E. The Marriage
1. The parents of those being married light candles and give them to those being married. The couple then both us their candles at the same time to light a mother candle between them.
2. The couple should each have vows written for each other, and should say them now. And as each finishes their vows they should give the other one the ring.
3. The Priestess/Priest asks “do you take this man/woman to be your husband/wife?” and the person says “I do”. As they are doing this the Priestess/Priest should tie a cord around their hands that have the rings on them The Priest/ess should then say “You are now bound together, to share with each other perfect love and trust. So mote it be and blessed be, with harm to none.”
F. Closing the circle
The Priest/ess should then close the circle and thank the quarters.
When the ceremony is over the cord may be untied and the candles may be snuffed out. Usually these are kept or disposed of in a special way, not just thrown out with the trash.
G. Celebrate!

Death Ceremony
*Wiccans do not have any beliefs about the correct way to dispose a body that has died. There are also many versions of this ceremony, so change it as you will.
A. Ritual Preparation
Gather tools and cleanse and consecrate them
Prepare area
Prepare the body of the one dead (or the ashes) and prepare whoever is holding the ceremony.
B. Open circle
1. Cast a circle
2. Call the watch towers/elemental quarters
C. Invocation of deities
1. Align self with deity
1. Invoke deities. Include any you want, but make sure you address the Crone who will take the deceased to the Summerland.
D. Statement of Purpose: Give a speech about the deceased and what their life.
E. Actual working of Act of Honor
a. Raise power/energy: Use a song to raise energy.
b. Have people come up and say what they want about the deceased. When each person comes up they should light a candle.
c. There should be a concluding speech, and thanking everyone who came and the lord and lady for the person’s life. Light an incense as an offering to the Crone, asking for an easy journey.
F. There should be a moment of silence (like a minute meditation).
G. Closing the circle
Mentally and verbally closing the circle
Physically close the circle
H. Serve food (usually breads, meat and cheeses. No sweets.)
I. Cleanup and Record

Chapter 8: Spells, Rituals and Daily Devotions

We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life, but spells are to reach a goal. To start you have to do ritual purification, which means first cleanse and consecrate everything being used (even yourself). This is where you physically clean and then clean the energy off an object, saying “I cleanse and consecrate this item in the name of the lord and lady, so mote it be and blessed be with harm to none.” Then cast a circle and call the quarters (at the end of the spell you shall undo these). At the end you will record the spell (and later record the results).
In a basic ritual you: Do the altar devotion, create the sacred space, cast a magical circle, call the quarters, invoke deities, close quarters, release the circle, and ground and center. If a spell is written badly you won’t get proper results, and since most people write their own spells they have to record what they did so as to improve upon it later if they wish. To invoke the gods (invoke means to invite the all into your circle) you have to ring a bell and call out their names or have a picture. You have to build energy as well. To think a thing is to create a thing. The different types of spells let you do different ways of raising energy. There is candles, meditation, dancing, chanting, singing, weaving or cord magic and much more (magick is a different spelling so we know that we are not talking about stage magic). Everything needs visualization and concentration. You can use Planetary hours (a system of hourly division associated with planetary energies) and moon phases to time your spell. Magical correspondences such as colors, herbs, and stones can be used to focus the intent of the spell.
To cast a circle start with yarn, star walking clockwise laying the yarn down as you go and say, “ I conjure thee, o great circle of power so that you will be a boundary between the world of men and mighty spirits, a meeting place of perfect love, trust, peace and joy containing the power I/we will raise within thee. I call upon the guardians of the North, East, South, and West to aid me in this concentration. In the name of the lord and lady thus I do conjure the, o great circle of power.” When completed, at point where the string connects say, “As above, so below, this circle is sealed!” and he pounds on the ground with your fist 3 times. Then you or the officers of the elements call the quarters by saying, “I call to the (animal) and the (element) and Ye Guardians of the watchtowers of the (direction), I summon thee to watch over this ritual.”(Example: South-fire-snake*north-earth-wolf*east-wind-blue~jay*west-water-dolphin).
Rituals are the same as spells, just more elaborate and you are doing it to honor the gods just as much as asking for something. Rituals are usually done on holidays and only ask for general health and happiness. Spells are done any time and ask for something specific, like a job promotion. Rituals are usually group while spells are solitary, and rituals usually include food while spells do not. There is an outline for a ritual on the next page.

Daily Devotions
The things a Wiccan should be doing every day are called daily devotions. Here is a typical example:
Morning – Write down any dreams you can remember. Then do stretching or take a bath and focus on your body. How does it feel when you do that stretch or how does the water feel on your back? This should last ten minutes. This is to center yourself in your body and to take care of yourself.
Afternoon – Meditation is encouraged any time of day, but at least once a day for twenty to fifty minutes. Prayers before each meal are also encouraged but not always practiced.
Night – This is the most important one. Go to the altar and light a candle. Give an offering, like incense or a flower, to the lord and lady. Say whatever prayers you have. Use this time to talk to the Lord and lady about whatever you feel like talking about. At the end thank them. When you are done with that write in your journal about your day, or whatever thoughts/pictures are in your head. Some people draw instead of write in their journals. When you get into bed say a prayer. This is the one I use “Day is done, time for bed. Goddess bless my sleepy head. Air Water Earth and Fire, bring sweet dreams as I desire. As the morning sun does rise, may the lord bless my sleepy eyes.”

Basic Outline of a Ritual for a Solitary

A. Ritual Preparation
Gather tools and cleanse and consecrate them
Prepare area
Prepare body
B. Open circle
1. Cast a circle
2. Call the watch towers/elemental quarters
C. Invocation of deities
1. Align self with deity
2. Invoke deities
D. Statement of Purpose
E. Actual working of Act of Honor
1. Working
a) Complete preliminary/visual task
b) Raise power/energy
c) Focus power/energy
d) Ground power/energy
2. Honoring
a) Complete preliminary manual/visual tasks
b) Dedicate cakes and wine
c) Partake of cakes and wine
F. Meditation
G. Thanking the Deities
H. Closing the circle
1. Mentally and verbally closing the circle
2. Physically close the circle
I. Cleanup and Record

Chapter 7: Correspondences and Healing

Correspondences are charts that Wiccans make to show what magical properties different things have. For example, a color correspondence chart will say things like “red- passion, lust, anger, strength” and you can use red in a spell for one of those things. It is usually best to make your own correspondence chart for colors, but for everything else there are established ones. There are books that are complete Correspondence charts of gems, rocks, crystals and plants. Healing correspondences should not be changed since most of it is actually real medical uses for herbs.
Here is a Correspondence sheet of five common stones:
•Amber: protective, useful to safeguard children, can represent orgasms, enhances
beauty, worn by priestesses.
•Amethyst: drives off nightmares, encourages peace, protective, good for meditation
and divination (especially prophetic dreams).
•Bloodstone: health, helps athletes, blood and cardiovascular diseases
•Jasper: Red – defensive, promotes grace, cures fevers.
Green – body healing, helps with mental illness
•Moonstone: attracts love and resolves lover’s quarrels, restful, if held in the mouth
helps with divination, helps people to lose weight.

If others are being healed they must want to be healed and they must believe in the magic you are going to perform. It is important to examine their body (without them getting naked) and to ask lots of questions about the problem and their lifestyle (it might help their cough if they stopped smoking). Also modern medicine is encouraged and believed in just as much as magic. But magic should be used as well since it will help with spiritual sickness as well.
When doing healing make sure you start like you would any spell (in chapter 8). The first thing to do is check their Chakras. Chakras are points of power on the body. They are: crown (green), between eyes/third eye (purple), throat (blue), hands and feet (orange), heart (pink), navel (yellow) and groin (red). These should look like faint lights on these parts on of the body. Check to see if there are blockages, making the lights dim or possibly black. Clear these by having the patient and yourself breathe at the same time (this can be done on yourself as well with the same method, and this can be done for healing or meditation). Pull the good energy (the light colors) towards wherever needs help or the navel with each in breath. With each out breath push the black parts out of the body. Keep doing this until the good energy is focused as small as possible in one part of the body and all the blockages are gone. Then call whatever deity you prefer to bless the sick person.
White healing light should fill the circle you have cast around you. Now lay your hand on some area of skin that the person fills comfortable with you touching. You can simply lay yours hand on them or massage them. If you don’t know them well simply massage their hands. As you touch them guide the energy that is in the circle into them, let it fill every part of them. Have them concentrate on their breath still. When you are done ground yourself by pushing all the extra energy, the black as well as the light that isn’t in the person, into the ground.
The next part is not as long. A simple spell can be done where they are given teas, herbs, amulets, candles, poppets, talismans or just prayers. Dreamwork can be done as well. Some people, who call themselves kitchen witches, believe in doing all their spells with food since then the magic goes right into you and is absorbed in you. This can make a lot of sense when healing.
5 Basic herbs and their healing uses:
•Cayenne: headaches, depression, blood problems and bleeding
•Cinnamon: indigestion
•Ginger: cramps and nausea
•Garlic: parasites
•Chamomile: helps you sleep and relax

Chapter 6: Tools -symbols, magical cabinet and the altar

There are a few symbols that have special meanings. These can be used in spells or worn. They are hard for me to draw on the computer, so I will describe them only (sorry). The pentacle is five pointed star within a circle. This represents the four elements and the spirit. The circle represents many things, such as the circle of life or a sacred circle that is used to do spells in. When drawn the pentacle can be used to invoke spirits, and when drawn backwads can banish. The same thing is done with the sacred spiral, which actually just looks like a spiral. It represents the continuation of life. The equal armed cross, which looks how it sounds, is used for healing, seals and invokes power. Sometimes it is worn by men. Women usually wear the goddess symbol, which is a circle (the full moon) with a crescent moon on either side, so that their rounded side is touching the circle. This represents the three faces of the Goddess. The last important symbols are the ones representing the elements. For air it is a circle with a dot in the very center. Earth is a square. Fire is a circle with a triangle inside. Water is a circle that is divided by a line going straight across the middle horizontally. All these symbols can be worn, tattooed, or used in ceremonies and spells.

Magical Cabinet
A Magical Cabinet is a storage space (not necessarily a cabinet) where magical tools are stored. There are many magical tools. Common ones include musical instruments, rocks, gems, crystals, candles, herbs, plants, incense, scented oils, bells, an offering plate, divination tools (tarot cards, yes/no stone, runes), wand, athame, Bolline, chalice and any things made in spells (talismans, amulets, cords, ect). A wand is made with wood from a tree and a gem stone, usually made by someone else for you. If you would like to make one simply choose a tree, ask its permission and take some wood. Do a blessing for the wood and gem and clean them, and then attach them to each other and finally cleanse and consecrate them and dedicate them to their purpose. An Athame is a religious knife. It usually looks like a dagger and is decorated. It represents males. A chalice is a cup shaped like a red wine up, usually made of a silver colored metal and decorated. This represents the water element and women.

The Altar
An Altar is created in a sacred space. It is where you practice your spirituality. The sacred space is a safe place where you are comfortable enough to practice your religion. There is no ceremony to create a sacred space, you just pick it. If there is no physical space for you to occupy you can create a spot in your mind, so when you close your eyes you can go there. In the sacred space is your altar, which is more complicated to make and is your most important tool.
Pick a flat area for your altar and put an altar cloth on it. The altar cloth and the altar itself should be cleaned at each holiday, and some people change the altar and altar cloth to reflect the season. The altar must have the following: a pentacle, a representation of each of the elements, something to represent your spirit and a mother candle. A mother candle is a tall white candle that represents all of the spirit.
It is extremely rude to touch someone’s altar. Children are the exception, since the young are learning and are attracted to magic; even if they do something improper with the altar they are forgiven because the lord and lady love children. Never use the altar as a shelf or set non-religious stuff on it (like your cup of juice or your mail). The altar should be decorated and can have many different items on it, such as:
- Compass - Divination Tool - Working Spells (spells in progress, ex. cord magic)
- Amulet - Mirrors - Runes
- Cauldron - Rocks - Sigil
- Plants - Tarot Cards - Offerings
- Symbols - Athame - Affirmations
- Bell(s) - Yes/No Stone - Wand
- Pictures - Bolline - Charms
*These are not the only things you can put on your altar!

If you'd like to see what an altar looks like, I have some pictures of my altar here.